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We Buy Antique Trucks.

1957 Mack B73. 250 Cummins Diesel, Triplex Transmission, 29K Rear. Super Clean Truck. $6,500
1961 GMC BA 6003 single axle Dump Truck. V-6 engine, 5&2, Air Brakes 20" rubber, Will run, needs a starter. $2,300

1956 Mack D30. 331 Magnadyne Gasoline Engine, 5 Speed Transmission. Good Condition, Super Rare Truck, Only 67 Built. $4,000

1959 Mack B42. 402 Continental Gas Engine, Duplex Transmission, 22 Inch Rubber, 12,000 Original Miles. Bought New by the Boston and Maine Railroad Company for the Manchester, NH Branch. $3,000
1959 Brockway 260. Continental Gas Engine, 5+2 Duplex, Complete Truck Minus Rearends and Driveshaft, Originally Owned by a Commercial Driving School. Clean Truck. $2,500
1956 Mack B30. 331 Continental Gas Engine, 5+2 Duplex, Super Clean Truck, This was the Late Dick Kemp's Only B Model Mack. Ran 2 Years Ago. $3,500
1956 Mack B30. 331 Continental Gas Engine, 5 Speed. This was used for steel delivery. Steel beams would be laid on a flatbed and rest on the fenders and bumper, while the driver came out through a door in the roof. A very unique piece. $3,000

1948 Mack EE. 291 Continental Gas Engine, 5 Speed, 1,000 Gallon Heil Tank, Bought New by Mobil Oil. $1,500

1947 Mack LF. 510 Mack Gas Engine, 5 Speed, Used as a Display Piece at Benson's Animal Farm in Hudson, NH. $2,500
1964 Mack B422. 438 Mack Gas Engine, 5+2 Duplex. Rare Truck, 923 Built. Good Condition. $3,000
1964 Mack B45. Scania Diesel, 18 Speed Mini Quadbox, Rare Truck, Serial Number 5 of 142 Built, Good Condition. $2,500
1955 Mack B71. 220 Cummins Diesel, Rare Truck, 522 Built, Parts or Resto. $1,500
Stover 3-3 1/2 Horse Engine. Complete and Original, Fresh out of the Barn. $750